Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada is proud of its geisha heritage.  Today there are around 20 active geisha that provide dancing and musical entertainment for guests at banquets at the many onsen inns and hotels.  One thing the geisha often mention is the pride they have in the kimonos that they wear, and love sharing the experience of wearing their elegant kimonos with guests.  You, too, can try on a real-life geisha kimono with assistance by actual geisha.

Many locations in Japan offer kimono-wearing experiences, but Togura-Kamiyamada Onsen is likely the only place where you can try on an actual geisha kimono with real geisha assisting.  The intricate layering, wearing the 'katsura' wig, the decorative tying of the obi ... the whole process will amaze you and interacting with the geisha each step of the way is certain to be a memorably joy.  At the end, the geisha will help you strike a captivating pose for a once-in-a-lifetime picture. 

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